How to Play Coven

There can be maximum of 4 Coven in a game and every Coven role is unique. This guide will cover the fundamentals you need to know for playing as Coven in Town of Salem 2!


Coven Killing is technically an alignment in itself (Jinx, Ritualist, Conjurer), but whichever role has the Necronomicon is also referred to as Coven Killing / book holder. They will appear as innocent to Sheriffs and have the ability to deal a basic attack to anyone at night.

Here is the order of Coven roles that get the Necronomicon:

  • Coven Leader
  • Conjurer
  • Medusa
  • Poisoner
  • Witch
  • Wildling
  • Dreamweaver
  • Enchanter
  • Voodoo Mater
  • Hex Master
  • Potion Master
  • Illusionist
  • Ritualist
  • Jinx

Who to Kill?

If you have a Poisoner (but no Ritualist), it’s a good idea to kill an outed Veteran since you can prevent them from alerting. It is extremely unlikely that there will be any Town Protectives on them.

What to Do and Avoid

If you are the Illusionist, I would recommend to only illusion yourself or visit nobody on the first night. This is because a Spy or Crusader will easily out you and the other Coven member. If there is a Lookout or Tracker, they will also be able to out you both later on. Knowing what Town Investigative roles there are is crucial!

Good Combos

Voodoo Master + Dreamweaver

This is a classic combo and particularly effective N1. If the Voodoo Master and Dreamweaver both visit the same person, there is a high chance they will become Insane since no one will know they were dreamweaved.

Potion Master + Witch

When a Witch controls someone whose role is not known, players usually assume that the person targeted is not Coven. This is effective if there is a hidden Monarch that the Potion Master reveals, letting you control them to a Coven member the next night.

Potion Master + Coven Leader

The Coven Leader’s ability to deal a powerful attack by empowering their offense is very strong. To mitigate any risk, the Potion Master can barrier the Coven Leader. This is helpful for taking out alerting Veterans (since they only receive basic defense).

Potion Master or Witch + Ritualist

This combo is self explanatory! Both the Potion Master and Witch have the ability to discover a player’s role. The next night, the Ritualist can simply perform a Blood Ritual on that player for a free kill.

Witch + Jinx

This is a very risky combo. The idea is to have the Witch control their target onto whoever the Jinx is visiting. This will almost always guarantee a kill, but will backfire if another player visits or the controlled target has defense.