How to Write a Good Will

A will can quite literally be the difference between life and death, so it’s important to know how to structure yours. This guide will explain the fundamentals of creating a will in Town of Salem 2.

What to Do

Here are some formatting tricks:

  • #[Role] – e.g. #Cleric
  • :[Action]: – e.g. :Taunt:
  • @[Player Number] – e.g. @9 (this will auto-fill with the player’s name)

Doing the above makes your will neater and help new players understand what exactly each action represents.

Personally, I structure my will in the following order:

N1- @[Player Number] (feedback, if any) + What happened to me

To keep your will tidy, you can keep track of player claims in your Notepad.

Example #1 – Crusader

Example #2 – Investigator

What to Avoid

If you are roleblocked, you can just replace your whole night with :Roleblock:. Still putting your action may be confusing for others, since they may misunderstand and think you saw someone else get roleblocked.

Don’t add unnecessary text in your will. Cluttering your will makes it harder to understand and could make you look fake.

Don’t separate your Day and Night actions in your will since the formatting will be ruined when copy and pasting. Here’s the kind of structure I recommend:

N1- Nothing
D2- :Autopsy: @8
N3- :Examine: @6 

More Tips

The meta is for Town Investigative roles to reveal Day 2 and post their results. The only exceptions are Spy (if your bug was not triggered) and Coroner (you receive no information N1).

Keep in mind that an Enchanter can alterate someone’s will. Whenever someone is killed by the Coven, try to look at what the player posted before. See if the will has any slight errors or contradicts their earlier claim completely.

If you are Town Protective (excluding Trapper) and asked to post your will, you can just post your night actions without stating your role.

Always finish writing your will and before the night is over. In case you die, the remaining players will know who you visited and this can provide info or help confirm someone else.