Important Interactions and Mechanics

Town of Salem 2 is quite a complex game, especially with how certain interactions and mechanics can work! Let’s break down the most important ones in this guide.

Town Investigative

Investigators do not detect Blood from roles with passive attacks, like Trickster or Crusader. Jinx also does not have Blood when checked by an Investigator.

Investigators can find a Deputy or Conjurer with Blood.

When checked by Seer, Neutral Evils are always enemies with the other target (even with Neutral Evils that are the same role).

Tricksters cannot successfully taunt a Hex Master, Necromancer or Witch. If a Trickster tries to taunt a Hex Master or Necromancer, they will die without counterattacking. A roleblocked killer also cannot be taunted by Trickster.

Town Protective

Bodyguards and Trappers can only protect their target from one attacker.

Bodyguard is the only Town Protective that can save their target from a direct Unstoppable Attack (e.g. Pirate).

Poison can only be cured by a Cleric. If the poisoned player receives Defense from another Town Protective (e.g. Crusader), they will still die.


Astral actions are not seen as visits. This means that astral visits do not trigger Traps, Bodyguards and other abilities that interact with visiting roles.

If an Illusionist dies to Crusader, then the person they visited is also Coven (unless Illusionist had the Necronomicon).


If the Witch controls a Vigilante on the first night, the Vigilante will be forced to shoot (bypassing their usual reloading cooldown).

If the Witch controls the Jailor into anyone except the jailed person, the Jailor will be forced to execute.


When a player gets roleblocked, they will become hungover and cannot be roleblocked the next night. You do not get notified if the person you roleblock is immune.

Both the Poisoner and Coven Leader (if they empower offense) cannot be roleblocked.

Dead Players

If Retributionist or Necromancer uses a Trickster to taunt a rampaging attacker, the Retributionist will die due to the rampage attack.

Retributionists cannot use Town Protective roles on themselves, but they can use a Monarch to knight themselves for instance.

If there are multiple Retributionists trying to use the same body, then the Retributionist higher up the list will have priority (e.g. 3 has priority over 8). Other Retributionists are notified that the ‘corpse is missing’.

A Necromancer always has priority over Retributionists.

Amnesiacs can remember Stoned roles and will always remember Town Power first (if possible).


Baker starts off with Bread. This means that if a Spy bugs someone and finds them with Bread N1, there is a 50% chance they are the Baker.

Pestilence also starts off with Plague. However, the chance that someone plagued is the Plaguebearer is not as high.

Arsonists do not show up as doused. If there are multiple Arsonists, igniting will cause all doused targets to die. This can cause an Arsonist to be ignited too if they were doused.

Win Conditions

A Hex Master wins at the beginning of the day if they are still alive and everyone is hexed, while Death wins at the end of the day. This means that a Hex Master will win before Death.

If a Necromancer uses the corpse of a Hex Master to trigger a Hex Bomb, it will still go off even if the Necromancer dies that night.