How to Play Jester

Jester is a role that can cause utter chaos! Nothing beats the feeling of everyone voting you up, convinced that you’re evil before the dreaded “The Jester will get their revenge from the grave!” message pops up.

The Jester has been upgraded from the original Town of Salem, and can now vest to give themself Basic Defense once a match. Today, I have compiled a list of my favorite ways to get lynched as Jester!

Ignoring VFA

When Town starts doing VFA, simply don’t claim and wait to get upped. You can either say nothing (but this can), or claim Town Investigative and refuse to elaborate further. This is particularly effective if you are near the top of the player list.

Late Town Investigative Claim

Since the meta is for Town Investigative roles to claim Day 2 and post information, one way to make you appear suspicious is to wait before being voted up to claim TI.

Another fake Town Investigative play is to claim Coroner and autopsy a Stoned player. Real and you should be lynched for being fake.

Town Power Claim

Ask for TP/LO and be overly aggressive during the day, pushing everyone for claims. When you are eventually asked to prove yourself, you should be hung.

Voting Guilty

When the general consensus is to vote innocent, you can vote guilty to draw attention to yourself. Town will usually vote you on the stand for an explanation.

Fake Town Protective

If someone asks for TP/LO on the first night, you can ignore that and claim to be on other people. This is effective if the person dies and people will question why you were not on them.

It is suspicious for Town Protectives to ‘self’ N1 (protect themselves). If there are no substantial leads, players tend to lynch you for this.

If there is a Poisoner, you can claim Cleric so you are confirmed fake when the poisoned player dies.

Misremembering Amnesiac

Since Amnesiacs prioritize remembering Town Power roles, you can claim to be Amnesiac remembering another role in the graveyard. Town should spot this mistake and call you out for it.

Fake Retributionist

Since multiple Retributionists cannot use the same body, the goal is for you to fake using a corpse, then have another Retributionist CC you and say that the corpse was not missing.

You can also claim to do something impossible like resurrect a Seer’s body (which Retributionists cannot do).

“Why me”

This is a common meme and Jesters usually say this to get lynched when voted up.

Fake Silence

When are you on the stand, write (with the :[Action]: formatting) but add an extra dot at the end.

Or you can also still vote someone during the day, which a silenced player cannot do, then fake silenced when voted up.

Want some more ideas? Here are some that the Town of Salem 2 community suggests for getting lynched as Jester.