Important Abbreviations to Know

It can be quite overwhelming to keep up with chat sometimes, which is why it’s helpful to learn what abbreviations mean exactly. This not only helps with understanding what exactly is being said, but allows you to write better wills that are easy to read. Here are some of the most important Town of Salem 2 abbreviations you need to know!


Roles are also commonly abbreviated, such as ‘Psy’ (Psychic) or ‘Ret’ (Retributionist).

TP – Town Protective

  • Bodyguard (BG)
  • Cleric
  • Crusader (Crus)
  • Trapper

TI – Town Investigative

  • Coroner (Coro)
  • Investigator (Invest)
  • Lookout (LO)
  • Psychic (Psy)
  • Seer
  • Sheriff
  • Spy
  • Tracker

TK – Town Killing

  • Deputy (Dep)
  • Trickster (Trick)
  • Veteran (Vet)
  • Vigilante (Vig)

TS – Town Support

  • Admirer (Admi)
  • Amnesiac (Amne)
  • Retributionist (Ret)
  • Tavern Keeper (Tav)

TPow – Town Power

  • Jailor
  • Mayor
  • Monarch (Mon)
  • Prosecutor (Pros)

NE – Neutral Evil

  • Doomsayer (Doom)
  • Executioner (Exe)
  • Jester (Jest)
  • Pirate

NK – Neutral Killing

  • Arsonist (Arso)
  • Serial Killer (SK)
  • Shroud
  • Werewolf (WW)

NA – Neutral Apocalypse

  • Baker / Famine
  • Berserker / War
  • Plaguebearer / Pestilence (PB / Pest)
  • Soul Collector / Death (SC)

CK – Coven Killing

Whichever Coven role has the Necronomicon.


RB – Roleblock

Used by Tavern Keeper and Poisoner.

NV – No visits

Used by Lookout.

VB – Visited by

Used by Lookout.

DNV – Did not visit

Used by Tracker.

V – Visits

Used by Tracker.

NB – No Blood

Used by Investigator.

TP / LO – Requesting for Town Protective / Lookout

Usually someone with an important role (Town Power) will ask for “TP / LO”.

CC – Counterclaim

If someone else claims to be a unique role, or take credit for something you did (like a Vigilante shot), you can ‘CC’ them. This usually results in a 1F1.

Exe – Execute

The Jailor’s Execute ability.

Can also refer to the role Executioner.


VFA – Vote for Alignment

Usually starting from top to bottom (1 to 15), VFA is when players receive votes until they claim an alignment (e.g. Town Support).

Town Investigative roles should always claim their exact role and post info on Day 2 if possible. This is because they cannot be guessed by a Ritualist or Doomsayer.

VFR – Vote for Role

Follows the same logic as VFA, except people claim their exact roles (not just alignments). VFR is uncommon since there could be a Doomsayer or Ritualist.

However, VFA is still the meta in Town of Salem 1.

1F1 – 1 for 1

When you know that there must be an evil between two people, so you kill one of them to prove the other.

For example, a Sheriff claims that they found someone as suspicious. The town then hangs the accused person as a 1F1.


Def – Defense

If someone has “high def”, this means they have defense since they didn’t die from an attack.

AA – All Any

All Any is the most popular gamemode.

TT – Town Traitor

Town Traitor is a modifier in Custom Games that makes a Town Member side with the Coven.

Reghunt – Regular Hunting

Recognizing a player from previous games from their name, then purposefully targeting them.