What is Vote for Alignment (VFA)?

Vote for alignment (VFA) is the common meta in Town of Salem 2! This guide will be a quick breakdown of what exactly VFA is, how to do it and what to look out for.

VFA starts from the top of the player list, where everyone begins to vote a player until they claim an alignment. People that do not claim their alignment in time are then voted up to the stand.

This is an effective way to get claims. VFA can sometimes be skipped on the first few days if there are significant leads from Town Investigative roles. The reason no one should claim their exact role in VFA (excluding Town Investigative claims) is because of a possible Doomsayer or Ritualist. These roles can deliver Unstoppable Attacks to players.

What is considered suspicious?

When someone:

  • Does not claim their alignment in time and gets upped on the stand
  • Claims Town Investigative but not their full role
  • Claims Town Investigative but did not post their results earlier
  • Did not vote up an evil player (especially Coven) during VFA

Jesters may intentionally act suspicious to get lynched.

What to keep in mind

Town Power roles quite often fake claim. This is usually to avoid getting targeted by evils during night or a Conjurer.

If someone claims Town Support and was seen visiting N1, they are fake unless they are a Tavern Keeper claim. This is because no other Town Support role can visit the first night.