What is Vote for Alignment (VFA)?

Vote for alignment (VFA) is the common meta in Town of Salem 2! This guide will be a quick breakdown of what exactly VFA is, how to do it and what to look out for. VFA starts from the top of the player list, where everyone begins to vote a player until they claim an […]

Important Interactions and Mechanics

Town of Salem 2 is quite a complex game, especially with how certain interactions and mechanics can work! Let’s break down the most important ones in this guide. Town Investigative Investigators do not detect Blood from roles with passive attacks, like Trickster or Crusader. Jinx also does not have Blood when checked by an Investigator. […]

How to Play Coven

There can be maximum of 4 Coven in a game and every Coven role is unique. This guide will cover the fundamentals you need to know for playing as Coven in Town of Salem 2! Necronomicon Coven Killing is technically an alignment in itself (Jinx, Ritualist, Conjurer), but whichever role has the Necronomicon is also […]

How to Play Jester

Jester is a role that can cause utter chaos! Nothing beats the feeling of everyone voting you up, convinced that you’re evil before the dreaded “The Jester will get their revenge from the grave!” message pops up. The Jester has been upgraded from the original Town of Salem, and can now vest to give themself […]

How to Write a Good Will

A will can quite literally be the difference between life and death, so it’s important to know how to structure yours. This guide will explain the fundamentals of creating a will in Town of Salem 2. What to Do Here are some formatting tricks: Doing the above makes your will neater and help new players […]

Important Abbreviations to Know

It can be quite overwhelming to keep up with chat sometimes, which is why it’s helpful to learn what abbreviations mean exactly. This not only helps with understanding what exactly is being said, but allows you to write better wills that are easy to read […]